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Since our establishment in 1990, we have built up an extensive database of suitably experienced personnel. Our aim is to provide a fast and efficient service in providing clients with candidates who closely match their job criteria - whether for a temporary / project assignment - or for permanent hire.

We have experienced and qualified personnel that can be called upon to provide a range of client services.

Please see below our main services:

  1. Feasibility Studies and Engineering Audits
  •  Technical evaluation and equipment audit of existing facilities on steel or other metals plants.
  • Feasibility studies for planned plant-build and improvement projects.
  1. Assistance to the Client during manufacture and erection of new plant
  •  Supply of project engineers to supervise site construction activities on your behalf - including site managers, mechanical, fluids, hydraulic, electrical and automation supervisors - all with previous international experience.
  • Planning engineers, project managers and quality assurance (QA and QC) engineers.
  1. Assistance during commissioning, and performance testing
  • Supply of supervising engineers and also operations/process specialists - to supervise commissioning activities right up to FATs after construction and issue of FAC / handover to client.
  • Client Consultant engineers.
  1. Operational and technical assistance during start up and operation
  • Supply of  operations and process experts to optimise efficiency and to improve product quality.
  • Trouble shooting consultants to identify potential problems and to recommend courses of remedial action.
  • Supply of experienced support personnel - for maintenance planning, purchasing and sales, logistics etc.
  • Supply of experienced, established senior management (i.e. general managers, maintienance managers, operations directors (COO), marketing directors (CMO), financial dirctors (CFO) and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs).
  1. Training
  • Classroom and On the Job training for process supervisors and all operators.

These services can be offered separately or as an overall combined package tailored to suit your requirements.

G&T Associates (Services) Ltd specialise in the recruitment of qualified personnel of not less than ten years experience.

The following indicates the various disciplines we cater for:

  • Project Managers/Engineers
  • Design Engineers/Draughtsmen
  • Commissioning Managers/Engineers
  • Operational/Mechanical/Electrical/Automation Managers/Supervisors
  • Hydraulic Engineers/Supervisors
  • Piping Engineers/Supervisors
  • QA/QC Managers/Supervisors
  • Contracts Management, Administration Management, Cost and Planning Managers/Supervisors
  • Material Controllers/Warehouse/Procurement Managers/Supervisors
  • Classroom and On the Job Training Instructors
  • Health and Safety Managers/Supervisors
  • Laboratory Staff

To discuss terms and typical rates or any other enquiry please contact us

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Latest Vacancies

Vacancies for site managers and engineering supervisors of all disciplines (mechanical, hydraulics/fluids, piping, electrical and indtrumentation etc) with backgrounds in the steel industry - for instalation, commissioning and maintenance project work.

We regularly have many project opportunities so please register your CV with us - please send (a WORD version CV) to either or with an introductory email outlining your past experience and positions sought.