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The core of the new design comes from the seamless connection between the strap and the case. On most existing models, the protruding lugs make it clear which is the case and which is the strap (whether metal or leather). As for the Royal Oak, the case and strap feel seamless, and the entire replica watches like a heavy metal bracelet. While the bracelet integrated into the case was not invented by Gérald Genta, he is the man who made the concept most famous.

The Royal Oak, however, is quite different, with the case and bracelet shaped like a bracelet. Now, it must be said that the all-in-one bracelet was not invented by Genta fake rolex. In fact, this honor was awarded to Pierre Moinat of replica watches Omega in 1964. However, the unified design of the Royal Oak series gives a smooth feeling, worthy of one of the best strap watches ever made.

One of the most recognizable ways of seeing the Royal Oak is the octagonal bezel. While the Royal Oak's octagonal shell design is rumored to have been inspired by ship windows, Gérald Genta's shell shape was inspired by an image of a helmet in a suit he came across while sitting on the shores of Lake Geneva . The exposed screw heads captivated Gérald Genta, who decided to incorporate them perfectly into his watch designs. The screws themselves are made of platinum, because with the technology of the time, it was impossible for Audemars Piguet to precisely machine the steel to the correct proportions.

While the success of the Audemars Piguet brand today is undeniable, the 1972 Royal Oak was not an instant hit. The market is not ready for stainless steel luxury sports watches that are as valuable and valuable as gold replica watches. Royal Oak watches were sometimes worth more than the brand's gold models, four times as much as Rolex Submariner Swiss replica watches at the time.

There’s an adage that design can sometimes be “ahead of its time,” but that’s definitely true when it comes to the Royal Oak. Genta's sole vision was to create styles that exude luxury despite using traditional materials such as stainless steel. Today, 50 years later, the Royal Oak is an icon of the watch industry.