Replica watches that can conquer both sexes

While having dinner in the hotel restaurant at the annual Baselworld event, Gérald Genta met several Patek Philippe executives over a wine dinner. Gerard Zunta immediately asked the waiter for pencils and paper. In just 5 minutes, Gérald Genta managed to draft a new concept suitable for Patek Philippe.

Gérald Genta's idea came from "softening" the corners of the Royal Oak, making the replica uhren a little less masculine and possibly suitable for female wrists. When Gérald Genta shared the design with Patek Philippe management, he was not immediately recognized. However, the brand still saw potential in a watch that could conquer both genders.

Later, Gérald Genta's brainchild became the Patek Philippe Nautilus. At that time, there were many opinions that Patek Philippe imitated the Royal Oak model, so it would not be successful, because Audemars Piguet himself was still struggling with the Royal Oak. However, thanks to Genta's unique vision and belief, the Nautilus followed in the Royal Oak's footsteps and went into production.

With the above two designs, Gérald Genta has created great value for the brand. But few people know that Gérald Genta was a man who was not interested in the business side. Gérald Genta designs replica watches for himself as a way of expressing his personal artistic style. Anything he creates makes Gérald Genta proud.

Gérald Genta created his own label to create gorgeous, free and uninhibited designs. Genta replica watches were so successful in the 80s and 90s that in fact he was allowed to use the licensed logo of the Disney company on the dial. Published among his stoic contemporaries during Baselworld, these designs were certainly provocative. But it's the gentle approach Genta is keen on. Apparently, Gérald Genta was thrilled and felt his soul was liberated when he could create freely.